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    Playing Online Slots Is Different From Playing Them In Land Casinos

    How are online slot different

    On a land fruit slot machine, the payout is approximately 80 to 85%, that for every hundred bucks that is put in the machine pays back at least 82 to 85 percent back. In an online slot there is only one wild card winning series and the rest of the combination of the images are those images which are low paying ones. Online slots are therefore slightly different from the land based slots because the ability to win is far greater and also the number of wins per combination can also be more than one.

    How to win online slots?

    The trick to win an online slot frequently is to know exactly which slot machine to play on. The secret to win the online slots more frequently is to know which slot machine is high variance which in simple terms means a slot machine that pays less often but when the player wins, he hits very big amount. The slot machines come in three variants. They are

    • High variance slots

    • Medium variance slots

    • Low variance slots

    Most of the casinos do not advertise which of their machines is high variance and which is low variance. But at the same time, there are some casinos out there that tell its players what kind of slots machine it is for the player to determine what they should expect from the slots.

    The hacks to win online slots

    How to choose which casino to play at

    Net Entertainment that have extremely popular online slots. These online slots machine providers are good especially if you do not have excessive high cash flow. Some of the online casinos are good only if you have enough The first and the foremost requirement to start winning at online slots is to choose the right platform to play at.

    Another thing to look out for while choosing an online slot machine to play with is to zero in on an online casino that pays out the winnings fast and it is within the first 24 hours itself. The casino must ideally also have reverse withdrawal and one that does not insist for identification documents every time that you request for a reverse withdrawal.

    Set up an E wallet account before you start your online slots

    It is highly recommended that the player sets up his e wallet account as soon as he decides to play online slots. Debit and credit card transfers are extremely safe to such portals but the hitch is that the transfer through this medium will require at least a four day gap before the winnings can be deposited into your account or any reverse withdrawal is requested by you. Also, the unnecessary hassle of providing identifications documents to combat credit card fraud can be avoided if cash is effectively sought to be transferred via payment agencies such as Moneybookers, PayPal, etc.

    Playing high variance slots at very high stakes

    The trick is to play high variance slot machines at very high stakes so that the cash so generated is built up and you can move around the various other casinos. A lot of people who do very well at online slots are those that play in this fashion and collect huge winnings and start moving out and about quickly.

    Choosing the casino bonuses to boost

    Almost all the casino stugan spoil the newcomers by offering them welcome bonuses if they fulfill the requirements of the play through. The play through requirements are not very tough and a player who wants to win online slots will anyway play long enough till he makes decent profits. The welcome bonus is a great way to increase the bank balance of the player. The internet is a good tool to read review about the online casinos that pay very good introductory bonuses.

    Play to win

    If you want to earn living while playing online slots then the first thing you should look at is not to play the slots for fun and recreation. You must have a serious approach to making a winning every time you make a stake.You should aim at a figure that you want to draw and aim to reach that figure say you want to earn at least 1000 dollars out of the two hours of time played at online slots and make sure you focus more n the winning by making informative stakes than simply recklessly playing to kill time.

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